Introducing Sharperlight 4: Low maintenance, highly flexible business intelligence platform

Sharperlight allows you access to data across multiple enterprise systems helping to make truly intelligent and timely business decision ahead of your competition.

It's a secure "Out of the Box" solution, featuring personalised dashboards, report packs and a powerful engine and integration framework delivering simplified intelligence.

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Live, Dynamic & Refreshable Reports

Through Sharperlight's Bidirectional Writeback system, your data is securely shared between all your enterprise locations, updated and validated in real-time via the intuitive data entry and reporting interface.

  • Excel® Addin with secure and direct access to data sources – refresh with current data
  • Web channel displays tabular html and rendered charts using Kendo UI for beautiful graphical presentation with drilldown
  • Refresh chart data in real time
  • Enterprise wide access to sources
  • Rapid report creation, publication and delivery
  • Low maintenance
  • No embedded SQL encourages central Datamodel
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Fully Customised & Fully Secure

Use Sharperlight Foundry to create new operational data applications that plug into existing Sharperlight solutions and the dynamic Sharperlight Datamodel Layer. Present data with ease across mobiles, tablets and desktop browsers. Capture date into the new solution - All with Sharperlight tools. Each new application is secured using the Sharperlight security layer and single sign-on access.

  • Use CUSTOM licence to create connections over new data sources to create a fully dynamic and secure interface
  • Use Sharperlight Foundry to build completely new operational data systems that seamlessly plug into the Sharperlight Enterprise Reporting solution
  • Presents data on multiple platforms, mobile, tablet and browser
  • Foundry will build the new database, relationships, Datamodel, web pages for reports and data entry forms and writeback solutions – all in one hit.
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Capture Data Anytime, Anywhere

Track and share from anywhere. Secure and configurable platform-optimised apps turn any smart device into a powerful data entry system. Connect all your enterprise business systems with intelligent, context-sensitive tools, ensuring clean & valid data every time.
Use the Sharperlight Excel® Addin to bulk load data or the Web-Channel to capture data in a browser.

  • Configure Data sends and writeback operational data into solutions using secured and configurable Interface layer
  • Enter data using enhanced tools like ADE that extend Excel® to deliver touch screen data entry
  • Capture data on mobiles and tablets using configurable Web forms, from basic forms to custom advanced Java script support
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Build Your Own Datamodel

Create highly specialised, business-aware datamodels designed to fit the needs of your organisation. Sharperlight Studio provides detailed features for comprehensive datamodel and connection template development.

  • Dynamic Datamodel creation interface
  • Build access to Custom systems or even create new systems using Sharperlight Foundry then extend them further in Studio
  • Create your own Datamodel over the systems in your company or your client
  • Build extension datamodels with new functionality for well used systems like modules for Dynamics® GP (Great Plains) and SAP® Business One, MYOBEXO and many others
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Fresh Reports When You Want Them

Enterprise reporting at a fraction of the cost**. Get detailed and accurate, real-time reports, sent automatically on individually configured schedules for each stakeholder. Works out of the box, with full customisation options and on-demand delivery.

  • Configure reports to run automatically with built in process flow options
  • Send emails and notifications, RSS feeds and Exceptions
  • Create dynamic schedules and multi burst reports that optionally deliver reports based current calculated values
  • Save PDF and Excel® reports to disk
  • **Requires at least 5 User Licences
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Suite of Components

Each core feature of Sharperlight 4 is made up of a suite of individual components. Further to the features highlighted, these components can be used independently to help you shape, and refine your information exactly how you want.

Excel Add-In

The Sharperlight Excel® Add-in gives users easy access to the Query Builder and Explorer from within Microsoft Excel. The Sharperlight queries are anchored in the worksheets, using formulas and the construction of these formulas is wizard driven through the Query Builder interface. These formulas fully support cell referencing and automatic recalculation, so the result set will refresh as filters are changed or when recalculation is forced. The formulas are also Drilldown points where the result set can be drilled into, using Explorer.

  • Microsoft Excel Add-in compatible with 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Intelligent formulas that natively bind to automatic recalculations
  • Cell formulas and Table formulas
  • Filter with cell referencing and automatic lookup dialogs on referenced cells
  • Validate and secure Writeback of worksheet data
  • Query Manager for managing and re-using queries in a workbook
  • Drilldown and Drill Through
  • Render to the Browser

Query Builder

The Query Builder is the common user interface that is shared across the Sharperlight presentation layers. Irrespective of whether a query is crafted in Microsoft Excel®, in Publisher or using the Sharperlight web client, it is the same Query Builder that users interact with. This consistent look and feel for crafting queries is extremely important for an end-user audience because it accelerates the learning curve and simplifies the transition to other interfaces.

  • Common across components
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Simple and Advanced Filtering enables rapid data selection
  • Dynamic Selection list transforms available fields. Filter items from selection list
  • Output items from the selection list or filters
  • Add Expressions (calculated fields)
  • Add Sub Query output fields
  • Add Union Queries
  • Add Drill Through functions
  • Create advanced integration

Materialised Query

The concept of a Materialised Query introduces a simple end-user interface for designing and populating databases that contain physical tables that are generated based on defined queries. The data can be refreshed at will or on schedule, or it can be held indefinitely as an audit history. Most importantly, the materialised databases are presented to the end-user as just another Datamodel, and they can be queried using all the normal Sharperlight functionality and presentation layers.

  • Creates a new table based on Query Builder for optimisation, consolidation or reconciliation
  • Updated on synchronisation
  • Available to Query Builder in all tools

Report Rows

Reports often need to be filtered, grouped, re-ordered and accumulated in ways that are different to the existing data structures in underlying data set. Report Rows provides a user interface for maintaining row layouts, that can be bound to output columns in the Query Builder. The Report Rows designer can be opened from the Filters menu in the Query Builder and it can be added to the desktop using the Applications menu.

  • Row level filtering for Profit and Loss styled reports
  • Output can be used in Web Channel, Materialised Query or in Excel®


The Sharperlight Service delivers remote access to Datamodels and it has a REST Service that can render Query Builder queries in a browser. This web delivery supports filtering and the end-users can change the filter values and refresh the output. Multiple output layouts are available for the same query, so the same data set can be rendered as a table, chart, pivot table and an RSS feed.

  • Each query has a unique URL address
  • Accessible by any browser or integrated into an application
  • Publish the query in real time with access to any Datamodel in the Sharperlight framework
  • Rapid report development where the same dataset can be reused to deliver multiple styles
  • Control access security and formatting


The Scheduler is an automation interface for the execution of tasks on a recurring and ad-hoc basis. Each task can have multiple actions and a task can be executed manually or based on a schedule. The Scheduler is installed and accessed just like any other Sharperlight desktop application but tasks can only be run on installations that have five or more full licenses.

  • Create server based tasks to collate reports
  • Optionally and conditionally execute reports that can store, save and email content
  • Create multiple scenarios
  • Include expression based logic and external calculations to drive scenarios
  • Send notification and exception based reports
  • Create and deliver automated Board Report packs   

Web Channel

The Sharperlight Web Channel is the common term for the web service that delivers published queries. This terminology is used because the list page can be branded with a custom title.

  • Securely access published queries via any HTML standard device
  • View data from any Datamodel in the Sharperlight framework
  • View reusable queries in multiple formats; Charts, Tables, JSON and CSV, pivot and PDF
  • Use Page Designer to deliver print perfect or web based reports like SSRS and PowerBI

Page Designer

The Page Designer introduces more control on the positioning and layout of report pages, and it addresses many of the printing limitations inherit in a web browser deployment. It uses a third party component library to provide the reporting engine and a graphical What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) report designer.

  • Uses ActiveReports® design interface
  • Add multiple report styles
  • Use Query Builder to create datasets
  • Good for designer output, payslips, invoices, link to any other report
  • Preview the results


The Foundry is a light data modelling tool that combines the creation of the source tables, design of the Datamodel and the preparation of a web interface for data entry and enquiry. A project in the Foundry can be deployed multiple times, each iteration will wipe the existing tables, Datamodel and published queries. When the solution has been finalised, the Datamodel can then be enhanced in the Studio.

  • Replace operational Excel® and Access® solutions with a Sharperlight solution in Foundry
  • Supports advanced database relationships full relational integrity from MS SQL Server
  • Creates all List reports, writeback forms and Datamodels for the project
  • Create rapid, real database solutions to plug into the Sharperlight Framework
  • Build your solution by starting from an integrated Datamodel to kick start the project 


Build custom connectors to your own databases, make that hard to access data visible and accessible by all stakeholders.

  • The Studio is the advanced design interface for developing and maintaining Datamodels
  • Supports multiple database systems
  • Intuitive datamodel development interface
  • Advanced application processing capabilities to create dynamic datamodel connectors
  • Build instant REST based APIs
  • Commercialise access to your data
  • Easily report from legacy or bespoke systems
  • Combine reporting from live and legacy systems
  • Integrate systems and reporting
  • Consolidate reporting across your enterprise

Supported Connectors

Sharperlight has been developed for advanced business integrations and tested with over 50 data model connectors to provide as much flexibility for your needs as possible.

Simplifying Your Business Intelligence, regardless of sector

The Sharperlight framework is used in many business sectors, including Finance, Government, Farming and Mining, Healthcare, Retail, Sports and Education. Sharperlight is not dependent but rather will adapt to your vertical.
With the concept of Custom Connectors you can quickly and easily add a new connector to the framework.

Aged Care/Health Care

Featured Case Study

Ocean Grown Abalone

A sophisticated yet easy-to-use Abalone Management System (AMS)

OGA are the world leaders in Sea Ranching technology for the culture of Greenlip Abalone. Tracking abalone stocks is critical, requiring assessment of mortality and size growth to establishing underwater biomass estimates of both shell and meat weight.

Sharperlight stepped in to provide comprehensive on-water tablet and mobile phone entry and access to cloud-stored data, following every aspect of underwater abalone movement. AMS reports project theoretical growth rates for business forecasting and, as the data becomes available, tracks against actual results.

Featured Case Study


ATG drives productivity and gross profit through competition between sales staff.

Each sale that is made through their ICE system gets reflected in the ATG solution, aggregating into a Dashboard that shows all products and employees per store.

Customer Overview

ATG uses Sharperlight to target, track and report progress of shop floor sales staff; reporting from actual POS, financial and targeting systems, to generate in-shift data to drive gross profit margins.

Sales staff are driven through incentives, as directed on a monthly basis, through targets defined by Australia’s leading telecommunication company Telstra®.

ATG services T-Life® shops with targets and incentives as the sales happen, and assists store managers with reporting requirements made easy with Sharperlight.

Featured Case Study

Oil and Gas

This industry leader embarked on an asset management system upgrade but while doing so discovered their reporting tool was being sun-setted. They decided to replace the tool and seize the opportunity to address their poor cost management visibility and inability to access reports via the web.

Sharperlight by philight was chosen; working together, the new reporting framework was implemented in a short period of time over a large database of 60 million transactions processing 450,000 – 500,000 transactions per month. It was all successfully completed on time and with no adverse effects.

Significant benefits were achieved immediately; improved asset management; accurate tracking of both asset maintenance & costs vs. budget; government compliance; improved productivity, less duplication and less rework. In addition, the framework has been so successful that the IT department want to replace their SQL reports with SharperLight versions to reduce rework and improve security.

Featured Case Study

Higher Education

The University of Western Australia (UWA) decided to upgrade their asset management system, Maximo®, but found their existing reporting tool was not compatible. With multiple databases; a focus on quality & compliance; and a need to easily generate accurate key reports in Excel®, Word® and HTML, they started a search for a replacement system.

Sharperlight by philight was chosen; working with the UWA team, the new reporting framework was implemented in a relatively short period of time.

UWA reaped significant benefits; more accurate information, improved data security, time and resource savings, compliance, and happy staff.

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