Legacy Data Management

Use Sharperlight archive your legacy data with a robust transformation service by simply adding the Sharperlight data access layer.

Sharperlight has been successfully utilised in data archiving projects by minimising the required migration phase while still allowing reporting from multiple systems to deliver a unified report.

  • Restore a copy of the legacy database.
  • Plug and play connectors for legacy system or create your own connector to legacy or bespoke database.
  • Simply keep a backup of the legacy database.
  • Develop reports over the old and new system using Sharperlight.

Components found in Legacy Management

With our tried and tested database connectors you gain access to a suite of intelligent components that will enable you to connect to difficult to access data from within an intuitive and familiar interface.


The Foundry is a light data modelling tool that combines the creation of the source tables, design of the Datamodel and the preparation of a web interface for data entry and enquiry. A project in the Foundry can be deployed multiple times, each iteration will wipe the existing tables, Datamodel and published queries. When the solution has been finalised, the Datamodel can then be enhanced in the Studio.

  • Replace operational Excel® and Access® solutions with a Sharperlight solution in Foundry
  • Supports advanced database relationships full relational integrity from MS SQL Server
  • Creates all List reports, writeback forms and Datamodels for the project
  • Create rapid, real database solutions to plug into the Sharperlight Framework
  • Build your solution by starting from an integrated Datamodel to kick start the project 

Materialised Query

The concept of a Materialised Query introduces a simple end-user interface for designing and populating databases that contain physical tables that are generated based on defined queries. The data can be refreshed at will or on schedule, or it can be held indefinitely as an audit history. Most importantly, the materialised databases are presented to the end-user as just another Datamodel, and they can be queried using all the normal Sharperlight functionality and presentation layers.

  • Creates a new table based on Query Builder for optimisation, consolidation or reconciliation
  • Updated on synchronisation
  • Available to Query Builder in all tools


The Sharperlight Service delivers remote access to Datamodels and it has a REST Service that can render Query Builder queries in a browser. This web delivery supports filtering and the end-users can change the filter values and refresh the output. Multiple output layouts are available for the same query, so the same data set can be rendered as a table, chart, pivot table and an RSS feed.

  • Each query has a unique URL address
  • Accessible by any browser or integrated into an application
  • Publish the query in real time with access to any Datamodel in the Sharperlight framework
  • Rapid report development where the same dataset can be reused to deliver multiple styles
  • Control access security and formatting

Report Rows

Reports often need to be filtered, grouped, re-ordered and accumulated in ways that are different to the existing data structures in underlying data set. Report Rows provides a user interface for maintaining row layouts, that can be bound to output columns in the Query Builder. The Report Rows designer can be opened from the Filters menu in the Query Builder and it can be added to the desktop using the Applications menu.

  • Row level filtering for Profit and Loss styled reports
  • Output can be used in Web Channel, Materialised Query or in Excel®

Web Reporting

Sharperlight can present dynamic tables, charts, pivot tables and presentation reports using its own web service. It has an application called Publisher, for managing and configuring these published queries. Each query can be filtered and refreshed in the web, and it will return the latest data.

  • The web content delivered through Publisher can be graduated with basic HTML4 tables, more complex HTML4 with Javascript automation, all the way to sophisticated HTML5 visualisations.
  • The core charting engine renders the graphics in HTML5.
  • Every published query has a unique web address referencing the query and the output style. This means each query can be uniquely referenced in a webpage, or in an email, or bookmarked in a web browser.
  • For pixel perfect report layouts, Publisher has a WYSIWYG report designer that can output reports to PDF, HTML and Microsoft Word.

Supported Connectors

Sharperlight has been developed for advanced business integrations and tested with over 50 data model connectors to provide as much flexibility for your needs.

  • Connector: SAP Business One + HANA

    Sharperlight has Connector covering:

    • SAP Business One Company Consolidation
    • SAP HANA Business One support online
    • User Defined fields and tables
    • Writeback through the SAP API
    • Core modules plus
    • Warehouse
    • Project Management
    • Human Resources
    • Service
    • Inventory

    Sharperlight offers multi company reporting and support for custom tables and fields out of the box. We support SAP HANA and on premise and writeback to both on premise and HANA.

    Save time, visualise data and provide rapid self service reports better than Business ObjectsTM.


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