The Foundry is a light datamodelling tool that combines the creation of the source tables, design of the Datamodel and the preparation of a web interface for data entry and enquiry. A project in the Foundry can be deployed multiple times, each iteration will wipe the existing tables, Datamodel and published queries. When the solution has been finalised, the Datamodel can then be enhanced in the Studio.

Foundry consists of a single window interface with six tabs for configuring the Datamodel environment. Using the Open and Save buttons at the bottom of the window, the projects can be saved to an FDY file and then re-opened. The Validate button will verify the project structure and raise warning and error messages in the Logging tab. The Execute button deploys the project, this can include creating a database, dropping the existing tables, recreating the tables, loading query data, produce a Datamodel and generate a suite of published queries that will be available from the Sharperlight Web Service as a project homepage.

Foundry projects are deployed with a suite of published reports. There will be a published query for each visible table and a menu homepage. They are easy to identify because the published queries have a group code prefixed with the Foundry product code. In the Web Channel the homepage is a navigation menu to each table and the table data can be viewed and edited.