Sharperlight has a Writeback window available from its Excel Add-in, that can source worksheet data and write this data back through a Datamodel to a target system. Datamodel authors decide if Writebacks will be available in a Datamodel and they control the validate and operation of the Writeback. The Writeback form simplifies the selection of feeder cell ranges and it allows Writeback templates to be saved and reused.

The Sharperlight Writeback interface in Microsoft Excel saves the column and row layout of a Writeback in the workbook. These templates can then be reused and executed using macro buttons. Active Data Entry (ADE) also uses these Writeback templates to assist with the worksheet data entry, it can pop-up valid codes and automate the flow of manual input.

Active Data Entry uses the cell referencing and the field order in the Writeback template, and it adds its own layer of settings to navigate worksheet data entry. There are settings to skip columns (in cases where formulas are used to calculate the input values) and the default lookup can be disabled for direct input. The common practice of taking workbooks out of the office and disconnected from the Sharperlight Service is also handled in ADE, lookup lists are cached locally in the workbook and they will continue to work even if the Sharperlight XL Add-in is not logged in.

To further enhance the Active Data Entry experience, there is a navigation bar with movement buttons which can be used instead of the keyboard movement arrows. This is particularly useful with Windows Tablets, that rely on a virtual keyboard.

Use the Sharperlight Web-Channel to writeback data using the predefined definitions in the Datamodel.

Create forecasts, collect budgets and update data for new Sharperlight solutions built in Foundry.

Sharperlight provides a full data cycle, capture and reporting.