The Scheduler is an automation interface for the execution of tasks on a recurring and ad-hoc basis. Each task can have multiple actions and a task can be executed manually or based on a schedule. The Scheduler is installed and accessed just like any other Sharperlight desktop application but tasks can only be run on installations that have five or more full licenses. This threshold is in place to allow concurrent tasks whilst not degrading the access for other users.

When a scheduled task is created, it defaults to the local computer name with the assumption is that it will be run locally. The location can then be changed to run it on the Sharperlight application server. Elevating a task to run on the server will work for most actions but it is recommended that the refreshing of Excel workbooks is only attempted on client computers where a user is logged in. Installed Microsoft Office on an application server is frowned on by IT departments and configuring Excel to operate without a user login can be difficult.

It is recommended that the scheduling of Excel workbooks should be done on a separate virtual desktop machine and remote desktop can then be used to schedule tasks. This way it can be left running 24/7 and a user session can be left open but disconnected.

The scheduler tool gave me only the exception reports and created the report pack in a pdf - sent to all the required people.