The solution

Using Doctors Chambers’ live databases, the Sharperlight team demonstrated the flexibility and intuitiveness of the solution. They created almost perfect reports during the presentation – the same reports that the IT team had been labouring to create. As Simon noted, “It was quite impressive.”

Sharperlight’s functionality and ease of use won over the Doctors Chambers team. Upon selection, they utilised an enterprise edition of the Sharperlight installation, including HTML reports, with the addition of an Excel and Word interface for user manipulation and printing.

Services included:

  • Installation in a test environment
  • Support of the Doctors Chambers’ team as they completed the installation
  • Initial report writing
  • On-site training of the Dynamics GP consultant


The Sharperlight implementation was very quick and easy. It was installed on an isolated PC for testing then loaded onto the live server.

The Sharperlight team worked in close collaboration with Dynamics GP consultant, Sue Westlake, and within one day she had created the previously elusive profits vs. expenses graph. Within two days, 10 reports had been written and Sue was fully trained.

Customer Profile: Doctors Chambers provide independent medical evidence and rehabilitation services to the UK market. They utilise a panel of 20,000 medical experts and therapists to advise on cases.

Industry: Medico Legal.

Company Size: Annualised sales in excess of £18m and employs over 100 staff.

Scenario: How Sharperlight’s reporting framework enabled this industry leader to easily, quickly and accurately report on, and drill into, information from multiple data sources. Resulting in more accurate information, time and resource savings, more proactive staff and better business decisions.

Business Situation: Doctors Chambers upgraded their financial system, Microsoft Dynamics GP. However, they found its existing reporting tools were not flexible enough to provide the information they required from both Dynamics GP and their bespoke case management system, Phoenix.

Solution Summary: Enterprise edition of SharperLight with an Excel, Word and HTML presentation layer.

Value to the Business

  • Transformed the business – “press a button and go” access to required data.
  • Significant cost savings by system licence optimisation.
  • Compliance support provided by the ability to slice and dice data as required for auditors.
  • Improved front line staff proactivity due to instant information access.
  • Better informed business decisions due to instant views of data.


The benefit of Sharperlight was immediately apparent as Simon explains, “It’s a very good product and has had a major impact on our business. It’s really transformed much of what we do because it’s so fast. You write a report in Sharperlight, just press the button and away you go.”

Additionally, Sharperlight has contributed to significant cost savings as Simon notes, “There’s a definite cost saving. Because of Sharperlight’s fixed number of concurrent licences and yearly fee we could afford to align the right users with the right systems. As a result, we increased our Sharperlight users from the initial 2 to 15.”

Sharperlight’s flexibility has also helped Doctors Chambers with compliance, as Sue Westlake explains, “The auditors came in recently and were asking for every report in every possible permutation. With Sharperlight we could slice and dice the data as they required and they had the information in minutes. They were very impressed.”

Not only that but Sharperlight has enabled Doctors Chambers’ front line staff to be more proactive and management to make better informed decisions,

“Our customer service team can now answer questions, be more proactive and more efficient rather than always searching for information internally or doing duplicate work. Also, management can now get an instant view of sales, cost of sales etc. via a dashboard helping improve our business decisions.”