The solution

  • After a thorough search, the oil company engaged phiLight to implement the Sharperlight reporting framework.
  • The solution consisted of:
  • Sharperlight reporting on IBM Maximo®, SAP R3® and a bespoke Time Management system with dynamic drilldown to source transaction functionality
  • Cross application reconciliation between systems
  • Encryption and validation based security access
  • Report dashboards, tables charts and gauges
  • Standardised reports, business views and datasets
  • Web interface
  • Excel interface for individual user modelling and manipulation


  • The installation was quick and effortless despite being relatively complex and taking into account three major IT systems.
  • Specifically, the implementation took approximately two months from scoping to go live and included:
  • Test environment implementation
  • Development of a custom DataModel and interface for required reports from the bespoke system
  • Live configuration implementation
  • Development of new and replacement cost management and bespoke system reports
  • User and administrator training

Value to the Business

  • Deeper business insight and understanding
  • Improved asset management
  • Improved cost management
  • Reduced rework
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved security


The oil company had immediate success. Sharperlight has given visibility to IBM Maximo® data in a meaningful way. Users can now view information that was previously inaccessible. Report details can be followed directly back to the originating system; right down to an individual transaction level providing greater insight and understanding.

Operationally, Sharperlight has had a major impact on the company. Future asset costs can now be accurately projected and daily tracking of costs vs. budget is easily completed – just two examples of the operational and financial efficiency gained from the new business intelligence solution.

The oil company’s previous reporting tool had resulted in almost 400 individual reports being created. This led to duplication, rework and inaccuracy. With Sharperlight these reports have been drastically reduced, streamlined and centralised resulting in improved productivity, less duplication and less rework.

In fact, the implementation has been so successful that the IT department has requested training to convert their SQL reports in order to reduce their rework and improve security. As noted by Ivon Robson, the SharperLight lead consultant, “IT departments are usually very wary of systems such as SharperLight because it allows users to write their own reports. But in this case the IT department were so impressed that they want to use it themselves.”

Finally, other departments are noticing the success and ease of use of Sharperlight. The Project Management Department wants to use Sharperlight to help track 54,000 valves, their maintenance and update IBM Maximo®. While the Environmental Department wishes to use Sharperlight to ensure government compliance regarding volatile emissions and waste management.

Customer Profile

One of the world’s leading oil and gas companies, providing it’s customers with retail services and petrochemical products for everyday items.


Oil and Gas.

Company Size

Approximately 5000 staff and 1000+ service stations located across Australia.


How the Sharperlight reporting framework enabled this industry leader to easily, quickly and accurately report on, and drill into, information from multiple data sources. Resulting in improved visibility, improved asset management, improved operational efficiency, and increased security and government compliance.

Business Situation

The company’s legacy reporting tool had no development or support plan leaving the company in a compromised position. Poor cost management visibility, excessive rework and an inability to access reports via the web were also causing significant operational problems.

Solution Summary

Sharperlight with web & Excel interfaces; encryption & validation based security access; and reports dashboards, tables, charts and gauges.