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Ocean Grown Abalone

A sophisticated yet easy-to-use Abalone Management System (AMS)

OGA are the world leaders in Sea Ranching technology for the culture of Greenlip Abalone. Tracking abalone stocks is critical, requiring assessment of mortality and size growth to establishing underwater biomass estimates of both shell and meat weight.

Sharperlight stepped in to provide comprehensive on-water tablet and mobile phone entry and access to cloud-stored data, following every aspect of underwater abalone movement. AMS reports project theoretical growth rates for business forecasting and, as the data becomes available, tracks against actual results.

Featured Case Study


ATG drives productivity and gross profit through competition between sales staff.

Each sale that is made through their ICE system gets reflected in the ATG solution, aggregating into a Dashboard that shows all products and employees per store.

Customer Overview

ATG uses Sharperlight to target, track and report progress of shop floor sales staff; reporting from actual POS, financial and targeting systems, to generate in-shift data to drive gross profit margins.

Sales staff are driven through incentives, as directed on a monthly basis, through targets defined by Australia’s leading telecommunication company Telstra®.

ATG services T-Life® shops with targets and incentives as the sales happen, and assists store managers with reporting requirements made easy with Sharperlight.

Featured Case Study

Oil and Gas

This industry leader embarked on an asset management system upgrade but while doing so discovered their reporting tool was being sun-setted. They decided to replace the tool and seize the opportunity to address their poor cost management visibility and inability to access reports via the web.

Sharperlight by philight was chosen; working together, the new reporting framework was implemented in a short period of time over a large database of 60 million transactions processing 450,000 – 500,000 transactions per month. It was all successfully completed on time and with no adverse effects.

Significant benefits were achieved immediately; improved asset management; accurate tracking of both asset maintenance & costs vs. budget; government compliance; improved productivity, less duplication and less rework. In addition, the framework has been so successful that the IT department want to replace their SQL reports with SharperLight versions to reduce rework and improve security.

Featured Case Study

Higher Education

The University of Western Australia (UWA) decided to upgrade their asset management system, Maximo®, but found their existing reporting tool was not compatible. With multiple databases; a focus on quality & compliance; and a need to easily generate accurate key reports in Excel®, Word® and HTML, they started a search for a replacement system.

Sharperlight by philight was chosen; working with the UWA team, the new reporting framework was implemented in a relatively short period of time.

UWA reaped significant benefits; more accurate information, improved data security, time and resource savings, compliance, and happy staff.

Featured Case Study

Doctors Chambers

Doctors Chambers upgraded their financial system, Microsoft Dynamics GP, but found its existing reporting tools were not flexible enough to provide the information they required. Their onsite Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant suggested Sharperlight.

After a successful presentation where the SharperLight team created reports that had previously proved elusive to create for the Doctors Chambers IT team, the solution was chosen.

Working with the Dynamics GP consultant, Sue Westlake (Sepia Solutions), the new reporting framework was implemented in a very short period of time with key reports and training completed in two days.

Doctors Chambers reaped significant benefits; more accurate information, time and money savings, more proactive staff and better business decisions.

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